The Highlands.

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Custom Art Frames (Made in Italy):

Jill (Photographer): Crossing through Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a life altering experience. Winding roads, carved into the spectacular highlands with ocean views from dizzying elevations. Even if I never get back to this magical place I will always remember it so clearly in my mind. The day we drove through the most northern part, a heavy fog rolled in mid day. On and off rain and poor visibility. Not the way you think you’d want to see a wonder of the world like this. The reality is the atmospheric conditions, saturated colours and soft lighting made for ideal landscape photos. I only wish I had stopped more, shot more and experimented more. 
Jade (Artist): I found myself immediately transported to Jill’s serene Canadian Landscape the moment I laid eyes on it.  I had an immediate longing to be there, which is why I decided to make it one of my largest paintings. I wanted the viewer to feel entirely encapsulated by the painting when looking at it. As the eye explores the painting towards the edges, you can see these detailed brushstrokes evolve into the bold and textured strokes, reflecting the untamed beauty of nature.  To me, the combination of the lush forest and bird in flight in an open and vast sky symbolizes freedom. 

To note: the raven photo that is combined with this was shot in Ontario, at Lake Temagami flying over Bear Island, which is the Temagami First Nation community. Ravens are powerful symbols in native culture.


    SOLD. Acrylic Paint on Canvas. 40 x 60 inches. Mounted in a Black Oak Frame.


      • Signed by artist.
      • 1.5 inch thick kiln-dried wood frame.
      • 395 GSM extra thick canvas that won't sag.
      • Green certified HP inks that won’t fade for 200 years.
      • Stretched canvas by an expert who cares.


      • Signed by artist.
      • Generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks (pigment ink) onto the highest quality fine art paper.
      • Weight: 250 gsm
      • Archival Paper: Matte and Textured surface. 



        PAPER PRINT (No Frame):

        • small: 12 x 16 in + 1 inch border.
        • medium: 21 x 28 in + 1 inch border.
        • large: 30 x 40 in + 1 inch border.

        PAPER PRINT (Framed):

        • small: 12 x 16 in matt opening + 4 inch border & frame = 16 x 20 inches framed. 
        • medium: 21 x 28 in matt opening  + 4 inch border & frame = 25 x 32 inches framed. 
        • large: 30 x 40 in matt opening + 4 inch border & frame = 34 x 44 inches framed. 

        CANVAS PRINT (No Frame): 

        • small: 12 x 16 inches, stretched onto a 1.5 inch wooden frame.
        • medium: 21 x 28 inches, stretched onto a 1.5 inch wooden frame.
        • large: 30 x 40 inches, stretched onto a 1.5 inch wooden frame.

        CANVAS PRINT (Frame):

        • small: 12 x 16 inches, stretched onto a 1.5 inch wooden frame. 12.5 x 16.5 inches with floater frame.
        • medium: 21 x 28 inches, stretched around a 1.5 inch wooden frame. 21.5 x 28.5 inches with floater frame.
        • large: 30 x 40 inches, stretched around a 1.5 inch wooden frame. 30.5 x 40.5 inches with floater frame.


        Jaades has partnered with Roma Moulding to offer best in class art frames (Made 100% in Italy).

        Roma Moulding was founded in 1984 and has grown into an award winning global phenomenon. The company works with master artisans in Europe, who use centuries-old techniques to create awe-inspiring frames and mouldings. No plastic. No poly. No composite. Just solid, natural woods and non-toxic finishes applied by true masters of the craft. Their frames, paired with high resolution, full color printers and best-in-class art packaging has resulted in the perfect partnership, allowing us to offer award-winning products that are made 100% in Italy and assembled right here in North America.

        Alternative Frame Options: 

        If you prefer to purchase a paper print and source your own frame, you can source many different options depending on your budget. We purposefully made out paper print sizes very standard for this reason. Inexpensive frames can be found for all of our sizes at IKEA, Old Faithful Shop, Opposite Wall, Simply Framed, or Amazon. 


        Each print is made to order and packaged with care by our professional printing partners. You can expect your order to be fulfilled and shipped out within 2-5 business days of your order and then shipping time is as follows:

        Canada - 3 to 9 business days
        USA - 5 to 15 business days
        International - 20 to 60 business days

        You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information once your order is on its way.


        Hi, my name is Jade Buckley. I'm the founder & artist behind Jaades Co.

        I've always been passionate about creativity. From a young age, I found comfort in the endless opportunities discovered with a paint brush in hand.

        Since then, my passion has only grown. Art never left my side. I made the decision to pursue a business degree over a fine art degree. I hung-up my paint brushes, with the self-promise to one-day return to painting. I now use my education to create a business from my passion.

        More than anything, I want to create work that speaks to people.

        Thank you for being here and taking the time to learn more about me and my work. 

        With love,