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Jade takes on a limited number of custom paintings each year, for those who have a specific vision in mind. Together, we design your concept, and you watch it come to life as a painting.

Below are the next steps I typically take while creating a custom painting. We can tailor check-in points to match how involved you would like to be in this creative process. 

  1. Personal Design Element: I'll create a rough draft of the design idea based on your mentioned colour pallet, subject, etc. If you want to give me full creative freedom, and leave the final as a surprise, I will hold off on sending you this rough draft. Whatever you feel most comfortable with! 
  1. Price: I can do any sized canvas you would like. I typically charge $1.75/square inch as my artist labour fee, and then add on material costs for the final price (the canvas and paints).  Shipping/handing fee will be calculated based on your drop-off location.
  1. Creation/Progress Pictures (Optional): I always record and document my painting process. Happy to send your way if you would like updates - or leave as a surprise. Whatever works best for you. 
  1. Final Reveal/Drop-off: I will reveal your painting once I feel it is complete. If there are any changes/additions requested, I'll will to a round of adjustments. 
  1. Progress Video: Once you have the painting, I will send you a complimentary edited video of your painting being created. This way you get to see every stage that it was once at. I'm a strong believer that the beauty of a painting is not just about the final product, but also the journey it took to get there.  

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