Welcome to the world of original artworks by Jade Buckley. Each design is hand-painted by Jade using her unique artistic style and vision. 

When you purchase an original painting from Jade, you can be confident that you are getting a true original piece of art. Each original painting comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that you are getting the genuine work by Jade Buckley. Please remember, prints may be made of your original painting. This will only increases the value of your original.

10 Original Pieces.

The Jade Collection.

Artist, Jade Buckley, CEO and Founder of JAADES, is pleased to introduce The Jade Collection.

JAADES is more than a title. The double ‘a’ in JAADES whispers ‘Jade’s Art’—a nod to her name, Jade, without overshadowing the diverse stories within. Not only does this double ‘a’ insinuate art, it also pays tribute to Jade’s sisters, individuals who have shaped who she is, and are the constant fuel that propels her forward. A symbol of herself and twin, being the same but individual, and her two younger sisters, Avery and Adelaide.

Jade was given her name by her father, who spent 2 years travelling the world, but fell in love most with his time in Japan. He was mesmerized by the colour, strength and meaning that the Jade stone held.

This collection not only explores the deep colours and meaning of the Jade stone, but also the meaning of Jade as a person. Who she is, who she has been, and how she’s grown in this past year since taking the “leap”, starting a company, and becoming a full time artist.

Immerse yourself in The Jade Collection, exploring the ways in which Jade has used her education to create a business from passion.