JAADES is an art house based in Toronto, ON. The company is dedicated to making fine art more accessible to all. This mission is made possible by creating a tiered-price approach of fine-art product offerings. There has been a gap in the market. Fine art consumers have the option to shop low-priced, lower-quality art/prints, or high-quality fine art at gallery prices. They’ve been forced to sacrifice either quality or affordability.

JAADES occupies the space in between, and ensures no sacrifices are needed to be made. 


Jade Buckley has always been passionate about creativity. From a young age, her family supported her pursuits in art forms of all kinds. Jade and her 3 sisters were encouraged to dance, sing and innovate throughout childhood. Naturally, she found comfort in the endless opportunities discovered with a paint brush in hand. Since then, her passion has only grown. Art never left her side. After high school, she made the  decision to pursue a business degree over a fine art degree. She hung-up her paint brushes, with the self-promise to one-day return to painting. She now uses her education to create a business from her passion.