To The Core. Original

$5,800.00 CAD

From the Artist: ‘To the core’ represent the feeling you get when doing the thing that feels most natural to your true self. I used a wooden canvas, to really emphasize this rawness, keeping some of the grain exposed throughout. The core peaks through the moody and darker shades. These may be interpreted as the clouds in your life that keep you from finding or doing the things you love most. I have always loved being in nature. This piece took a subconscious and unexpected turn. When I look at the final product, I remember being is a deep and peaceful forest.  This is only my interpretation, and doesn’t make it the “right answer”.

Please Note*: This original will be on display at Arcade Design until the 29th. Shipping of original art work to collectors will be on Feb. 5th. 


AVAILABLE. Acrylic Paint on ink on Canvas. 48 x 60 inches. Frame included. 

  • Included with your purchase of this original is:
    • Frame and wire. 
    • The certificate of authenticity.
    • The meaning behind this painting (artists perspective). 
    • A hand written thank you note.



      • 48 inches x 1.5 inches x 60 inches. 


      Each Original is packaged with care in a custom wooden crate by our professional printing partners. Originals will ship Feb. 5th. 

      10 Original Paintings.

      The Jade Collection

      Artist, Jade Buckley, CEO and Founder of JAADES, is pleased to introduce The Jade Collection.

      Jade was given her name by her father, who spent 2 years travelling the world, but fell in love most with his time in Japan. He was mesmerized by the colour, strength and meaning that the Jade stone held.

      This collection not only explores the deep colours and meaning of the Jade stone, but also the meaning of Jade as a person. Who she is, who she has been, and how she’s grown in this past year since taking the “leap”, starting a company, and becoming a full time artist.