Collateral Beauty Original

$7,800.00 CAD

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‘Collateral Beauty’. 

60 inches x 40 inches x 1.5 inches. 

Acrylic paint and ink on a Wooden Gallery Canvas. 

Included: Original signed certificate of authenticity, thank you card, Jaades sticker,  exclusive insights and personal meaning of the art process from artist’s perspective. 

Shipping & Tax Included: Due to the value of this investment, size and weight, a custom wooden crate will be built to ship this painting in. The painting will also be insured. 

Print variations: First Ever Limited Edition. I will only be creating a limited edition of 20 prints. It is important to me to keep the integrity, value and "realness" of ‘Collateral Beauty’. By creating something only few can share together,  being just  1/20 prints + the Original, gives me confidence this piece will forever remain authentic and exclusive. Prints Dropping Early Jan. 


About Collateral Beauty 

This painting was my outlet. To release, feel and process.

It is my most layered painting, and took me nearly 6 months to complete. Not because I wasn’t happy with how it looked, but because it didn’t FEEL finished. I wasn’t ready. So I kept on going , and adding, until I was. 

A collector of mine from the Netherlands recently introduced me to the term “collateral beauty” while we were working on his custom painting. The very idea of collateral beauty is that no matter how dark or difficult the time is, there is something beautiful that is happening right below the surface. You just have to look. You just have to find it. 

I slowly found it, with each methodical line and layer I added. If you look closely in the process video, you can see when the painting starts to change and become lighter, as I changed. I can’t describe this painting better than that if I tried. 

My final stroke was when I realized I was ready. Ready to let go of the collateral and embrace the beauty. Now, when I look at this painting, I don’t see sadness. I see both light, and dark. I see strength and resilience. I see texture from the difficult layers beneath the surface, reminding me of what I was able to build upon from what was once a bumpy beginning.  

I’ve never felt more connected to my work, or to myself. This piece undoubtedly holds so much love, emotion, pain, growth, and beauty and I am so proud to be sharing it with you.

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The Jade Collection

Artist, Jade Buckley, CEO and Founder of JAADES, is pleased to introduce The Jade Collection.

Jade was given her name by her father, who spent 2 years travelling the world, but fell in love most with his time in Japan. He was mesmerized by the colour, strength and meaning that the Jade stone held.

This collection not only explores the deep colours and meaning of the Jade stone, but also the meaning of Jade as a person. Who she is, who she has been, and how she’s grown in this past year since taking the “leap”, starting a company, and becoming a full time artist.